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anniversary, sumer, and cherries

This is a special day.
I am very happily married for 12 years and worked aggressively for this marriage. Technically we have been together for 20 years. Well worth the extreme effort. We have been through so much together and are better for it. As a token of this day I am making something for the first time I have talked incessantly about for weeks…a cherry pie.
I have a classic recipe from Yummly ( that is my inspiration. Cherries have a childhood summertime memory from growing up in a farm community in Oregon. As kids in perfect Oregon Summers, we would pick and eat cherries until we were literally sick. Our cherry greed knew no bounds. It was always fun and something we knew we probably shouldn’t overindulge in, but still…
Back to today.
My ever indulgent wife, Tricia, pointed me to the right drawer in the kitchen and showed me the “cherry seed remover” gizmo. Surely this has a technical name, but I did not ask. She simply said that you stick the cherry in and pull the handles together and the seed pops out. So be it!
Tricia also mentioned that the process was messy and the cherries stained clothes in perpetuity. I changed into my skanky painting clothes and was ready for my new fruity adventure. Just started popping those seeds out knowing I needed four cups for the first time pie. Yes, it was messy and there was juice and seeds, and cherry innards everywhere. Tried to keep it in check and then it hit me. I need to turn this whole process into ART with capital letters. (Bear with me, this is still in the conceptual stage.) Cherries are round and ergonomically friendly to the hand. Cherries could be useful drawing tools leaving behind super saturated color. If used like watercolors, resulting imagery could be spontaneous and potentially interesting (at least to me). I might use the cherries by themselves, or mash the cherries and make large quantities of cherry stain or be really bold and add black berries. Maybe even water them down for pastel colors. Niggling question! With time would the ART results have a smell? Hmmm. Gotta find out.

Happy anniversary Tricia!

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