Every piece of my favorite personal work involves risk.
Significant risk.
After 40 – 100 hours of conception, layout, color application…there is a sometimes a little voice that sneaks into my head. It says “take a chance”. Do something that could destroy all the hard work to date and is irrevocable. Sometimes the voice even tells me what to do. Sometimes it just says MORE or DIFFERENT. The clues are always in the work and whispers for evolution. Complacency is stagnant. Growth is life! Jasper Johns has stated “you must do something and then do something else to it”. Interesting words to live by. There have been so many times that those words have caused a piece to be destroyed, but when it works it is revelatory and pushes concept and processes beyond my skill levels. Of course there are times that only I can appreciate the risk. Others may not see the value…at first.
Rothko did not develop his stacked color rectangles in a moment of sanity. He listened to that voice. I recently looked at his early work and noticed there were stages of obvious evolution and risk that led to those sublime layered rectangles. There was a magic point that he jumped off the cliff and scrambled to make it those changes happen. Listening to those little voices takes courage, attitude, and rare moments of clarity. Worth it…when it works.

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