After wrapping paintings (mostly architectural) to go off in different directions for solo shows for the next six months, I am about to embark on a new direction that is based on optimism and grace and perhaps more ethereal. This began with the results of the election and after four years of dismal, overbearing news events and twitters that many times were inhumane, it seemed only fitting to renew my mindset. I have not physically done this work yet, only cerebrally. I will mention that the imagery will be based on looking upward, titled “Skyscape” series, and relatively abstract. It will be gestural, intuitive, and based on seeing into the sky through the growth of trees and plant forms. Times of day, seasons, weather and reimagined colors should complete the scenario. I have a vision of what the work should look like, but based on past experience, I know that the paint drives the directions taken and has a life of it's own. Some of this notion has evolved from skies and plant growth that served as secondary backgrounds for previous paintings, but many times my favorite elements. We’ll see what happens over the next few months.

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