I just received an invitation from Peter Roberts, the ever-adventurous curator at Location Gallery in Savannah to participate in an upcoming show titled LUSH. The proceeds to go to the League of Women Voters. The idea is that 60% of the imagery needs to be in pink. Nice idea!
Most recently, I work from dark to light with bitumen as the ground (deep deep brown black). So the notion is that pink layers will be built up over the bitumen. I am doing three small 20 x 16 inch canvases at once…something I rarely do. To make this even more challenging, I have decided to incorporate day-glow fluorescent pinks as well. I suspect this will be a salon show and want the work to pop. Day-glow should do the trick. The interesting part will be how these colors interact with each other and mix. Nice little experiment overall. Kudos to Peter Roberts for thinking of it. I did not think pink is an easy color to work with, but have since changed my mind. I have keep mixing several shades and variations of pink and especially love gray-pink. Almost an ashes of rose hue. My marks are decidedly masculine, crude and expressive so the color phenomena adds an interesting contrast.
What does pink mean? Most people think of pink as extremely feminine. I like it as a highlight or lighting trigger or maybe a soft color substitute for white. Still pink has connotations. I recently had a favorite neighbor that made a pink pussy hat for me to wear to political protests. I was honored! However, in producing these paintings it became increasingly obvious that pink is energy...pink is sexy…pink is happy...pink is optimistic…pink is saccharine…pink is comfort…pink is time of day…pink is punchdrunk…pink is power…pink is growth and so on.Add paragraph text here.

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