The popcorn I am writing about is over your head. As in popcorn ceiling. All dating back to the 1930’s.

Who was the genius that came up with this stuff?
Apparently the early versions were rife with asbestos as well. Our house was built in an era (during the mid-1980’s) that made the ever-famous popcorn ceilings a staple in the community. Cheap building practices made this a standard. We have been very lucky because underneath the popcorn is nicely taped drywall that is clean and sanded down and ready to paint. It has made the removal process so much more tolerable. Still it is one of the messiest building process we have ever encountered.
I am wit’s end to try to understand why people ever thought this stuff was attractive. Removing it has made the house so much cleaner visually. The dilemma is that you don’t really notice that the popcorn is not there, but you would notice it if it were. Kind of a catch-22.
We still have three bedrooms to have finished this coming August, but it is now under control. Like any piece of artwork, there is a process and procedure that has been fine-tuned. The removal is messy and fairly fast. The cleanup is tedious and time-consuming. Finishing is normal painting and sanding touch-up. It is just an upheaval that never had to happen in the first place. It has been estimated that over 80% of American homes have had popcorn ceilings. Go figure!

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