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redos and lost causes

After over a month working on a large piece, I am compelled to paint over it with new subject matter and a complete redo. I absolutely abhor giving up on a piece as a lost cause, but know that something good will eventually come out of the purge. I did the same kind of redo thinking with a commission piece I am working on. A big portion of it was redone early this morning and for the better. I force myself not to be complacent and have the need to push the work over and over. This is necessary for my own evolution. Conceptually, my work is relatively calm, but I have the need to inject the imagery with question marks for the viewer. I am constantly battling the geometry of the composition against the paint applications…the rough and the smooth.

I crave evidence of my left hand making marks and leaving a history. When I am in the work zone, I grab whatever tools are near, trip over nasty extension cords, bump tables and hurry to force the paint to flow in the right direction and density. And then breathe a big sigh when that burst of energy has passed and can only hope all looks ok in the morning.

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