In this part of the world (the Georgia Lowcountry), we are surrounded by water as it it influences our everyday lives. Of course, the yearly hurricanes, torrential rains, humidity, seasons, and storm surges all effect our living conditions. Particularly noticeable are the famous marshlands with up and down tides defining the land masses daily. You can't help but notice the movement in the marshes as teeming wildlife concentrate on feeding, survival, and reproduction. It is easy to imagine this as being the source of all life since the wet and goopy conditions seem prone to birth, evolution and discovery.

Artists have been drawn to this landscape imagery for reasons or time of day,
the tides, and amazing splendor of the refracted light from the water. I have tried to stay away from the obvious and done only a few paintings of this so far... and even so with my own spin on them. I have tried to find new compositions; flatter, more abstract, intense, and intimate. As with all my work, there is the "magic point" where the paint application supercedes the subject matter and rules supreme.

So it is in the oncoming weeks. I have been tasked with a large upcoming commission and am in the midst of doing preliminary studies to find my way towards the final visuals. Luckily I have been left to my own instincts by the client and was immediately to drawn to water/land masses. So far my references have been Sapelo and Skidaway Islands and Pinckney Wildlife Refuge, as a combination of those locations is brewing in my head. The colors of the water, the depth, and the radial light are deceptively complex. Since I paint with a multitude of layers, it is an opportunity to reach some new depths and color interactions. A wonderful thing to be focusing on as we begin the New Year and deal with the startling realities of climate change.

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