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what, where and when.

April, 2021 is a pivotal month that has been in the works for over two years. A new gallery in Atlanta is firmed up that is exciting, with work being delivered mid-month. The show at J Costello Gallery in Hilton Head (“outside looking in”) has been happily extended for another month, ending now in the first week in May. April 12 begins a long awaited road trip to the Misssissippi Delta for research on vernacular architecture and then on to Memphis to rotate new work at L/Ross Gallery and finally back to Reinike Gallery in Atlanta to drop off work for the first time. The following week, work is being delivered to Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art in Augusta for a solo show there in an elegant, historic Federal architectural space and gallery. The work has never been in a more beautiful location. Although much of this has been in the planning stages for over two years, it is all coalescing at the same time, involving packaging, framing, travel plans, numerous van rentals, and list after list about what goes where and when. Personal organizational skills are not the best, so there is a tendency to over compensate. Honestly, not complaining…just a bit overwhelmed at 2 am and making mental notes about what happens next.


I have worked steadily towards these goals since beginning a full-time art practice in 2014. Gallery Shows will now run through the summer. Two new residencies (that are very unique) have been applied for and a couple new solo shows as well. The momentum begins as we eke slowly past Covid. Even on this sleepless night I am feeling extremely fortunate to be pondering the next move and grateful for all the new people met in the last year… even in relative isolation and many times virtually. And so the lists continue. Without getting maudlin, I should mention that my wife Tricia has been an unwavering advocate, critic and advisor in this process. I would not be doing this without her encouragement and support. No kidding.


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