Sicily and JOYA: AiR

May 10, 2022

The last few weeks have been consumed with prep for our upcoming trip mid-May to Sicily (in the works since pre-Covid) and a June residency after at JOYA: arte + ecologica off the grid in rural Spain. There have been many, many more odds and ends to deal with than anticipated. Crazy multiple flights, flight redos, car rentals, Air BnBs, overseas wire transfers, meds, international phone service, art supplies, shipping, etc. All good things to fuss over, but time consuming. I have divided my planned time into pre-trip and post-trip.

I began a TO DO list of Sicily 12 months ago and it has been everchanging. Now I think it covers all the high points. Daily changes will naturally occur for us. Personally I am looking for dwellings that are rustic, rural and elevate my art and vocabulary. Baroque churches are fine, but simplicity is better. I’m trying to go into this with an open mind, but still have ideas of what to expect and see.