In this time of COVID 19 isolation, I am lucky enough to spend my days in my studio cranking stuff out. At this moment I am working on a relatively large piece (42 x 54 inches) from my Morocco series. I am on the third week of it and it has been a struggle as I am rounding the corner towards finishing. One of the things I have noticed about this (and other pieces) is that I spend inordinate amounts of time just looking at the work. So much so that I look more than I actually paint. Just staring. I mentally change colors up and move shapes around. When I am sleepless at night I think about the painting (thankfully rather than the virus) and literally paint in my dreams. Sometimes I even get up at 2 AM and go out to the studio and work for a few hours to get it out of my system. Still looking though… and searching for answers. When all else fails (as it does regularly) I get out my little 9 x 12 drawing pad and a box of oil pastels and do quick sketches of the same subject matter or problem. Somehow my drawings ALWAYS solve the problem. They intuitively go to the right shapes and the simplification of color. My head doesn’t, but my hand seems to do so. Everyone does this stuff differently but this is my methodology such as it is. I’m still looking though.

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