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painting with geckos

For the last two days I have had an uninvited visitor in my studio…a lightening fast little green gecko. He seems to enjoy (and not in a visual way) the 36 x 64 inch painting I am working on and travels from end to end repeatedly. BTW, I paint flat on sawhorses so the little green guy has a relatively smooth, flat surface to run around on. The painting is composed of earth colors which might seem to resemble Mr. Gecko’s previous environs. Now that it is the second day he has been in the studio, I am starting to worry about his future. Unless I fill the studio with lettuce and dead flies, he may not have enough to eat and drink. The only water available is the water used to wash out my brushes. Kinda icky for a growing gecko. Yes, I have tried to gently catch him or scoop him into a dustpan for further transport, but he is too quick and too smart. He changes colors as he travels over the painting and likes to leave wet “footprints” all around.

After dealing with him for a couple hours this morning, it was time to call in the PROS. The Pro in this case is my wife, Tricia…the feel-good, nature-loving, wildlife afficianado. She has saved all kinds of living things; birds, humans, squirrels, turtles, dogs, moths, and now hopefully a gecko. The first thing Tricia did was fashion a little scooper out of a discarded cardboard box and move gingerly around the room trying to cajole the little reptile into a transport machine. No dice! Eventually he jumped off the painting   onto the floor and scampered up a wall. Thankfully there was a door open as Tricia scooted him out through the opening and onto freedom and a long life everlasting. It’s already been a good day and it is only 7:35 AM.

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